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Cukur safety razors

Cukur (pronounced choo-koor) simply means 'shave' in the Malay language. We are a Malaysian brand, established with an aim to promote safety razors and wet shaving as a more sustainable alternative to commercial shaving products on the market. Our products are sourced from our manufacturer in India who has been in the shaving industry for twenty years. 


Closed comb head, suitable for beginners to advanced shavers

Three-piece design for durability and ease of maintenance

Non-slip knurled handle for secure grip in wet conditions

Short-handle and long-handle versions available

Cukur logo plus text.png

Cukur logo engraving on the head and base


Back to old school shaving

Safety razors are not a new concept, and were used for shaving before the advent of modern multi-blade shavers. In fact, the first safety razor was produced more than a hundred years ago by Gillette, and the design hasn't changed much until today! They are making a comeback however, for the following reasons:

Did you know?

You can reduce your environmental impact even further by investing in a shaving brush and using shaving soap instead of shaving foam canisters. It's typically cheaper too!

     Closer shave

Safety razors give you a closer shave than modern shavers, helping to reduce skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

     More hygienic

Multi-blade cartridges get clogged with hair and bacteria, whilst safety razors are easily cleaned and the blades are changed more often. 

     Cheaper in the long run

The safety razor itself requires a higher initial investment, but the costs for razor blades are much lower than multi-blade cartridges. 


Double-edge razor blades can be recycled, unlike multi-blade cartridges. Safety razors can also last for many years due to their sturdy construction.


Yes, you'll look feel more manly while using one of these babies.


Minimalist contents and packaging

We aim to minimize our impact on the environment, so no case is included. No unnecessary plastic packaging or inserts either. Just basic instructions printed on the inside of the box, as the rest of the information you need is here on this website! Cukur safety razors also come packed in a fitted recycled cardboard box. To get you started, all Cukur safety razors come with a pack of five Astra Superior Platinum double-edge razor blades, one of the best value razor blades in the market. 

Travelling tip

You can remove the razor blade and store it in its original box when travelling, or simply wrap the safety razor in a handkerchief.


Beginner's tip

If you're new to shaving with a safety razor, handle the blades with care and shave gently at first especially at uneven areas like the neck. It's normal to get nicked when you first start shaving until you get used to the technique!

Shaving with a safety razor

1. Apply lather over the area to be shaved

2. Hold the safety razor at a 30 degree angle

3. Use the weight of the razor to shave instead of applying pressure

4. Shave in short strokes, with the grain

5. Rinse the head at regular intervals to unclog shaved hairs

6. After completing one pass, repeat the steps above once (or twice) more

One thing to remember is that the goal is for gradual reduction of hair; not achieving perfection on the first pass of the razor. Hence two, or sometimes three passes are generally needed to get a smooth finish. You can also shave against the grain, depending on personal preference. A good razor blade is also important, so feel free to experiment with different brands and makes.

Did you know?

If well-maintained, a safety razor can last for many years. In fact, some safety razors made in the 1940s are still in use today!


Safety razors require don't require much maintenance, although it is recommended to rinse and dry the safety razor after each use. For conventional cleaning, simply take apart the head, rinse all components (after putting the razor blade aside) and wipe it clean. You can also scrub it with an old toothbrush and dish-washing detergent once in a while if it requires a deeper clean.

I'm in! Where do I get one?

For international orders, you can get our safety razors and other products on Amazon.

For orders within Malaysia, you can head over to our Lazada store.


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