Wholesale/bulk purchases

We welcome wholesale inquiries! We can keep our prices low as we purchase in bulk from our manufacturers, who can give us better prices due to the economy of scale. We aim to make sustainable toiletries affordable to the general public, and would rather the cost savings be passed down to consumers. We currently have a small product range consisting of Bambun bamboo toothbrushes and dental floss, Cukur safety razors, shaving brushes and shaving bowls, as well as shaving accessories, double-edge razor blades, shaving soap and OEM safety razors.

So, what are the other reasons you should buy from us?

Low minimum order quantity: MOQ of just 10-20 units per product.

Low fixed prices: You get the same great price no matter how many units you order!

No plastic packaging: Our products either come nude or with plastic-free packaging.

Commercial and personal purchases: We work with both retail outlets and individuals. All are welcome!


If you're interested to buy in bulk, simply contact us at contact@ekotopia.com.my and we'd be happy to send you over a product catalogue!