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Yaqi shaving brushes

Ekotopia is the sole agent of Yaqi products in Malaysia, meaning we can sell and offer them for wholesale prices locally. Yaqi has built a name for itself in the wet shaving community for its high quality shaving brushes at affordable prices. The combination of colorful handle designs and dense soft bristles make them stand out from the crowd!


How to use

1. Immerse the head of the brush in warm water and then shake it lightly.

2. Load the brush with soap by moving only the tips of the brush across the soap in a circular motion.

3. Once you are done building the lather, apply it onto your skin using circular and sweeping motions.

Other shaving products

Although Yaqi is most well known for their shaving brushes, they also have a whole range of other shaving products such as safety razors, shaving bowls and shaving stands. Needless to say, there's ample choice for everyone!


What our customers say

I'm in! Where do I get one?

For orders within Malaysia, you can head over to our Lazada or Shopee store. Please e-mail us for wholesale inquiries.

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